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The Briteway app is powered by Briteyellow. We’re on a mission to make end-to-end journeys seamless, safer and more accessible for everyone. We’re a smart spaces software and technology company, specialising in innovative indoor location apps and sensors that enhance customer experiences. Led by our founder and CEO, Fredi Nonyelu, our journey began in 2003 with a focus on interactive and wireless communications.

In 2018, we evolved to lead the global indoor location services industry, developing cutting-edge, ultra-precision sensors for augmented and virtual reality applications. Our high-definition virtual guides, augmented wayfinding apps and remote monitoring sensors connect users to real-time information for easier, more informed travel.

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Briteway: your train travel companion

We want Briteway, our newest innovation, to redefine train travel in the UK. The app empowers you to travel with confidence thanks to its two uses: efficient travel planning before your trip, and real-time navigation through train stations during your trip. No more worries about missed connections or delays.

Briteway includes two pieces of unique patented technology: Indoor Crowd Density Estimation and our Dynamic Routing Guidance System. These are how we provide you with real-time crowd and obstacle information, for a smooth and stress-free journey.

We at Briteyellow want the Briteway app to be your trusted travel partner. Our vision is for smarter journeys and a world where travelling is an enjoyable and accessible experience and everyone, whatever your needs, feels empowered to travel.

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With the Briteway app as your train travel companion, your journey will be transformed into an enjoyable experience.

Our goal is for you to feel empowered to get out, be independent, visit family, see new places and enjoy your life. Start planning your next adventure with us today!