Briteway: Easy planning and navigation

  • Planning your trip
  • At the station

Planning your trip

Plan and visualise how you’ll navigate your journey. With Briteway you can:
  • See interactive tours showing station layouts e.g. location of lifts, platforms, toilets
  • Get opening times for station shops and cafés
  • See real-time crowd information, so that you can avoid busy times and crowded areas
More ways Briteway can help

During your trip

Real-time navigation when you're travelling, for a smoother journey. With Briteway you can:
  • See 3D visuals showing what facilities a station has e.g. ticket machines, seating, café or toilets
  • Use the app's camera to navigate around stations, find what you need and avoid obstacles
  • Set up an emergency contact (family or friend) and easily call them if you need to
More ways Briteway can help

Briteway, your essential travel companion

Effortless planning

Easily plan details in advance, so you feel reassured about the journey ahead.

Real-time navigation

Get from A to B with ease, whether you're familiar with the station or travelling to or through a new one.

Accessible for everyone

If you have access needs, such as requiring a lift or a ramp, Briteway is here to assist you.

Supportive chat function

Message ahead for assistance, e.g. “I’m in carriage B arriving on platform 4 and need a wheelchair ramp.”

Be independent

If you have reduced mobility, Briteway helps you get around by showing accessible routes, avoiding obstacles and stairs.

Feel empowered

Make journeys you didn't think you could make on your own, enabling you to visit more places, friends and family

Your Briteway journey starts here

With the Briteway app as your train travel companion, your journey will be transformed into an enjoyable experience.

Our goal is for you to feel empowered to get out, be independent, visit family, see new places and enjoy your life. Start planning your next adventure with us today!

Make your train travel around the UK a breeze

Our innovative train travel app is powered by our unique patented technology to help you plan your journeys and seamlessly navigate around train stations, for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

About Briteway

Become an early adopter

The Briteway app is currently in beta (an early release, ready to be used and tested by train travellers in Wales).

It’s being created by Briteyellow for Transport for Wales and this first iteration can be used in six train stations: Cardiff Central, Cardiff Queen Street, Newport, Pontypridd, Chester and Shrewsbury. As we add more stations, we can improve the app based on your feedback and insights, helping thousands more people feel confident about travelling by train.

Briteway is funded by The Design Age Institute

Through the transformative power of design, the Design Age Institute aims to help everyone age happier and healthier. It brings together designers, businesses, researchers and communities to help address the challenges and opportunities of an ageing society.

Briteway, powered by Briteyellow, is part of the Transport & Mobility Pathfinder Innovation Programme, generously supported by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Healthy Ageing Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency.

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